The Garis Agency handles the surety bond relationship and routine servicing for construction companies in any sector, of any size, of any sophistication.

No matter the size and sophistication, the Garis Agency can help guide you towards competitive surety terms and conditions. What level of bond needs do you identify with?

What level of bond use do you identify with?


  • Frequently bid public construction projects
  • Significant Level of Financial Presentation
  • Constant Competition
  • Attention to current Backlog and new projects to be acquired
  • Frequent communication and bond requests


  • New business
  • First entry into the Public Construction market
  • Crash course in bonding
  • What a bond means to your company and to the shareholders of the company
  • How to obtain a bond
  • What financial information is required
  • Subcontractor bond required by General Contractor
  • Bond amount
  • Growth potential and considerations


  • Not a first-time bond user
  • May need bonds couple times a year
  • May not need bonds other years
  • Qualify or over qualify for bonds needed
  • Level of Financial Presentation
  • Public construction market a supplement to traditional customers
  • Subcontractor bond required by General Contractor
  • Significant construction experience